Surrey Biofuel Vent Stack, Surrey BC

    Surrey Bio Fuel Vent Stack

    Surrey Biofuel Vent Stack

    9572 192nd St, Surrey, B.C

    Under the Public-Private Partnership (P3) program jointly with the Government of Canada through its P3 Canada Fund, the Surrey’s biofuel processing facility is the first closed-loop fully-integrated organics waste management system in North America.

    The facility is designed to receive and process 115,000 tonnes of organic waste annually, the largest of its kind in Canada with a capacity to process 100% of the City’s organic waste, along with commercial organic waste, helping Metro Vancouver achieve its regional 70% waste diversion target.The Surrey Bio Fuel vent stack is a 70m tall structure with fixed steel ladders ascending two thirds of the height

    Atlas was initially engaged to facilitate vertical lifeline fall protection systems to safely allow workers to climb the stack.

    An overhead self-retracting device was used for one of the ladders that required a walk through type ladder. The remaining three ladders received vertical lifelines attached directly to the ladder.

    Atlas worked closely with the client to ensure that the ladders and structure were properly reinforced to withstand the loading associated with this specific fall protection system.

    Later Atlas was again invited to install fall restraint anchors on the same building for the roof top maintenance. On its CLT roof, Atlas engineers designed a custom lag attachment that was used to mount the anchor on the top side without penetrating all the way through. This solution allowed for no visible hardware on the underside.Applications:

    1. Other Fall Protection and Protection Applications


    1. Vertical Lifeline Systems
    2. Special Industry Safety Products