If Atlas did not install the anchors on our building, will Atlas inspect and certify the anchors on our building?

    With over 25 years in the industry we have a wealth of knowledge, experience and qualified personnel who can answer your questions about Fall Protection Systems.

    It may be possible for Atlas to inspect anchor systems installed by other companies. The following will need to be provided for a definitive answer:

    • Roof plan drawings signed by an engineer
    • Previous inspections (if there have been any)
    • A photo or statement about the logbook and site map (pictures or a statement about needing new ones)

    When inspecting third party anchors there are a few things to consider:

    • Initial inspection of third party anchors will require functional load testing.
    • The amount of information available about the underling structure of the building.

    For further information to determine if Atlas will be able to assist you with the inspection of your system please call the Inspections Coordinator at 604-4350008 x304 or via email at inspections@atlas-anchor.com