It is the duty and responsibility of the building owner and a mandatory requirement of most Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) organizations to have Fall protection equipment and roof safety anchors inspected.

    In order to comply with OHS regulations in BC and Atlas Warranty requirements, all roof safety anchors must be inspected either annually, after any alteration is made or if a fall is taken on the equipment.

    Inspections help identify problems before they become major costs to you, potential safety risks for operators and prevents any delays when a system has not been certified.

    Atlas maintains comprehensive records of all the anchor systems we have installed and their current inspection status. While we try our best to maintain current contact information please contact the inspections coordinator if there has been any change in building ownership or management personnel.


    • If you are an existing client, we will contact you before your fall protection system requires re-certification.
    • If you would like to have a fall protection system inspected, please contact the inspections coordinator.

    • The technician will need access to all areas of the building that require inspection including private balconies, restricted areas etc.
    • The technician will also need to view and sign the logbook and site maps which should be posted at the entrance of all roof access points.
    • Failure to gain access these areas or ability to view and sign the logbook will result in a second site visit and incur additional charges.

    • The technician will arrive on site with all tools needed.
    • If there is any delay in our technician’s arrival or unforeseen circumstances require the inspection to be rescheduled, we will make our best efforts to contact you as soon as possible.

    • The initial report and all information gathered is reviewed by a Professional Engineer (P.Eng.). The P.Eng. may require additional information and testing which may require a second site visit. After the report is reviewed, accepted and stamped by the P.Eng. it will be sent to the client along with an invoice.
    • Typical timeline from inspection to completed report is 1-2 weeks, barring any complications such as lack of access to anchors or additional testing requirements required by the P.Eng.