Horizontal Lifeline System

    A Horizontal Lifeline (HLL) system is required when a worker needs to traverse an area at height, such as a narrow roof area near the roof edge or along a sloped roof, while still connected and protected by a Fall Protection System. The design of the HLL is a complex process as loads are applied differently than from a single anchorage point.

    Flexible horizontal lifeline systems (HLL) are for the attachment of personal protective equipment
    (PPE) for protection against falls from height. These systems are used for fall arresting, and may be used for work positioning and travel restriction (worker restraint).

    Where are Horizontal Lifeline Systems used?

    • Flat roofs
    • Under bridges
    • Sloped roofs
    • Cranes
    • Planters
    • Crane rails
    • Walkways/ledges
    • Working over machinery
    • Aircraft Maintenance
    • Truck loading and unloading
    • Working over chemicals
    • Railway loading and unloading
    Projects Using Horizontal Lifeline Systems