ATLAS  is seeking strong and unique people that are able to thrive in the construction industry. As a company, we have well defined expectations of our employees. We know that it takes a combination of talent, skill, drive and spirit to achieve success. If you are ready for a challenge and willing to make a long-term commitment to a solid company, we would like you to apply to join our Fall Protection team. Along with a competitive salary, your total ATLAS compensation package includes:

    • Extended Health care and Dental Benefits.
    • Vacation.
    • Flexible Leave Arrangements.
    • Optional Pension Plan.
    • Life and Long Term Disability Insurance.
    • Travel and Trip Cancellation Insurance.
    • Professional Development.

    In addition you’ll have access to services and benefits that can help you get the most out of work — and life

    Our Commitment to Safety

    At ATLAS, we believe that knowledge and a commitment to safety are two of the most important components of any Fall Protection System. Our goal is to help clients develop complete fall protection solutions that are safe, user-friendly and cost effective.

    Current Openings – Canada

    We are currently looking for an Installer to join the Atlas Team. This is an entry level position with unlimited potential for growth.

    Following is a brief list of responsibilities of position of Installer:

    1. Co-ordinate installations to new construction industry including:
    • Review of project drawings, layout of proposed anchor systems in preparation and coordination with all required parties.
    • Organize shipment of product, packing slips and site instructions for installation to site on a timely basis and follow with Project Superintendent to ensure a proper installation will be achieved.
    • Ensure a proper and timely installation has been carried out, inspect project prior to leaving site and if final assembly has occurred request production of Log Book & Comprehensive Report Package for client.
    • Complete Site Review capturing accurate details. Distribute this Site Review to Atlas’ Projects Manager.
    • Maintain a high level of communication with customers and Atlas individuals.

    2. Co-ordinate installations to retrofit building industry and Industrial projects including:
    • Review of project building and drawings, in preparation and coordination with all required parties.
    • Organize shipment of product based on project requirements and direction from Technical Rep and Projects Manager. Meet coordinating personnel on site to review and adapt project plans as necessary.
    • Complete Site Review Report capturing accurate details. Distribute this Site Review to Atlas’ Projects Manager.
    • Assist with other installation personnel when required.

    3. Complete required reports, site reviews, internal reports and return to your immediate supervisor or other party as scheduled and required.

    4. Assist with large projects as required. Out of town and out of province work will occasionally be required to allow Atlas to meet our clients and contractual needs.

    Some travelling will be required as part of this job. You will be required to perform these duties in other jurisdictions serviced by Atlas.

    The successful applicant will be professional and thrive in a fast paced, ever changing, and detail oriented environment.
    This is a full-time position. Remuneration includes salary, and benefits package.
    Please send your resume and cover letter via No phone calls please, as only qualified candidates will be contacted at this time.

    Current Openings – USA