Underhung Beam

    An Underhung Beam is required to position a worker closer to recessed glazing when a roof cornice (overhang) prevents the worker from reaching the desired area.

    It is a preferred solution for certain buildings where the
    traditional monorail system is not viable, technically or
    economically. This product is always custom built and
    designed by Atlas.

    Underhung Beam Features and Benefits:

    • Custom designed & fabricated to work with the building
    • Portable, light weight aluminum construction, under 75 lb.
    • Ergonomically designed handles for safe ease of use and balance.
    • Short track monorail complete with retaining pins and trolley.
    • Economical operation for use by single operator.
    • Track easy to use preventing mis-rigging experiences.
    • Track easy to remove for inspection.
    Projects Using Underhung Beam