Pre Engineering Services


    Addressing your fall protection concerns during the planning stages of any new project can prove to be very beneficial and will offer numerous advantages, such as:

    • Minimizing the total number of devices needed in your system, thereby reducing your overall investment
    • Recommending and incorporating the most efficient and user-friendly devices into the system, which cannot always be easily and economically installed later
    • Identifying potential areas of concern and designing a complete, comprehensive system to address these situations
    • Ensuring compliance with current applicable safety standards and regulations
    • More complete documentation for tendering purposes, resulting in fewer project change orders
    • Reviewing building material selections and configurations prior to tender awards with other sub trades

    While much of this can be addressed later, it is more effectively done in the early planning stages. Many of our clients have found that by involving the expertise of our team early on in this very specialized field, the solutions are even more effective and cost efficient.