Permanent Fall Protection Solutions

    Permanent Fall Protection Solutions

    ATLAS provides complete fall protection systems, including design, fabrication, supply, installation/assembly of products, and final documentation consisting of the following:

    Assurance of Durability

    Every Fall Protection System engineered and assembled by ATLAS, carries a full warranty against defects in materials and workmanship (based on performance of annual inspections and system maintenance). ATLAS stands behind every system it manufactures, supplies, and installs. A completed Warranty Registration Certificate accompanies each system completed by ATLAS.

    Assurance of Protection

    What about potential liability arising from the choices you make for your fall protection requirements? Who is responsible for what? In its simplest form, each company is responsible for their part in the system. This means that:

    • The owner is responsible for:
      • Acquisition of Fall Protection Systems and equipment
      • Development of appropriate Safe Operating Procedures
      • Training of personnel before work begins on completed building
    • The manufacturer is responsible for the construction and integrity of the components
    • The installation company is responsible for the installation
    • The owner is responsible to ensure that the system remains in good repair, is inspected at regular intervals and is used in keeping with the original specifications and construction drawings.

    If an incident occurs things quickly get more complicated. Have the workers received thorough training?

    Were the proper procedures followed? Did the fall protection system fail? If so, was it a manufacturer’s defect, or was the installation at fault?

    Was the system maintained in good repair, and used in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications?

    When requested, ATLAS is able to provide continuity throughout the process, from the initial engineering and design stages, all the way through to the manufacturing and final installation. This way many potential risks can be more effectively controlled and often eliminated. To provide added peace of mind, all systems engineered and installed by ATLAS are currently covered with a Comprehensive Liability Insurance Policy.