About Us

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    About ATLAS

    ATLAS Anchor Systems (B.C.) Ltd. was officially registered in BC in 1993 by our founder Bryan W. Robinson, P.Eng. with headquarters in Vancouver, BC. As the company continued to grow, the business expanded across Canada.

    We specialize in the design, engineering, supply, and certification of exterior building maintenance solutions for new construction and retrofit of residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial buildings as it relates to fall protection.

    Our team includes professional engineers and experienced safety specialists, to provide you with the best service in the industry. With over 30 years in the industry, we are a leading fall protection solution provider, serving thousands of clients. Our products include, but are not limited to: Anchors, Davits, Horizontal Lifelines, Vertical Lifelines, Monorails, and Building Maintenance Units.

    As a one stop solution provider we also provide in-house engineering consulting services, custom connection design and reinforcing of the structure to support the anchorage system. ATLAS works with building owners, architects, property managers, construction managers and general contractors and is allied with several world-leading manufacturers of safety equipment, enabling us to offer our clients the optimum fall protection solution for all of their fall protection needs.

    Our Founder

    ATLAS Anchor Systems (B.C.) Ltd. was incorporated in 1993 by the founder, Bryan W. Robinson. Bryan, now retired, was a highly respected professional engineer for over 40 years. He devoted the last 24 years of his professional career in the development and innovation of safety products for the Fall Protection Industry. Starting with the invention and marketing of the first spiral anchor design used as a tie off point for window cleaning operations when the company was just founded, now ATLAS has facilitated a complete series of products for any fall protection application challenge.

    Bryan was a strong leader with his professionalism in Fall Protection Engineering. He was a long standing member of the Canadian Standards Association (CAN/CSA) technical committee on Fall Protection.

    His influence on others and society has been widely recognized and honored, as such he received the Mentor of Year Award by APEGBC in 2013.

    Company Mission

    We believe that two of the most important components of any fall protection system are knowledge and a commitment to safety. We at ATLAS encourage a comprehensive system analysis that includes recognizing hazards, implementing proper procedures and choosing the most appropriate equipment for your situation. Our goal is to help you develop complete fall protection solutions that are safe, efficient, user friendly, and cost effective

    Safety First: Safety is our foremost priority. ATLAS Fall Protection Systems are designed, manufactured and installed to meet or exceed applicable safety standards and are supplied with compliance documentation.

    Functionality of Use: We attend to the needs of your project by providing a practical and user-friendly system.

    Value: ATLAS’ Systems are the most cost effective systems available on the market, when initial price and future maintenance costs are considered. ATLAS offers the best value available.