Stabilization System

    Stabilization is required to keep suspended platforms in contact with a building’s façade, thereby preventing undesired movement. Insufficient stabilization can place workers in harm’s way, especially in the event of excessive wind. Stabilization also protects the building facade from damage which could be caused by the impact of suspension equipment. Stabilization is mandatory in the case of powered platforms at suspension heights in excess of 45 meters as per CSA Z271-10.

    ATLAS, works closely with Architects and major building glazing manufacturers/suppliers in North America, offering the best tailor-made stabilization Devices on the building to facilitate suspended staging operation. The products are most reliable, safe and cost-effective.

    Stabilization Devices are designed in compliance with CAN/CSA Z271-10 Safety Code for Suspended Platforms, Clause 9.5.1 Suspension height over 45m.

    Projects Using Stabilization Systems