Fall Arrest & Restraint Anchors

    Safety Fall Arrest Anchors

    One of the critical elements, often overlooked in a Fall Protection System, is the anchorage connector and its attachment to appropriate anchorage. In its simplest form, an anchorage connector is the link between the worker and the anchorage (building structure).


    ATLAS uses only engineered, tested, and certified components, and sets a new industry standard with benefits such as:

    • Exposed Stainless Steel components, ensuring longer life even in hostile environments.
    • Anchorage connectors that provide 360° integrity, can be used in any direction allowing greater freedom of movement for the workers and minimizing quantity required.
    • Multiple installation options include ‘Pour-In-Place’, ‘Through-Bolt’, ‘Adhesive’ or ‘Weld-In-Place’ alternatives.
    • Special designs can be flush mounted for patio applications.
    • ‘Rotatable-Head’ Roof Anchorage connectors are fully sealed and leak proof.
    • ‘Rotatable-Head’ Roof Anchorage connectors may be supplied with spun aluminum and stainless steel cap flashings for easier and secure sealing to the roof membrane.
    • Rope Guides provide additional safety and flexibility for worker in controlling location/positioning of ropes.

    Whether your application is a new construction project, the retrofit of an existing structure, or a permanent industrial setting, ATLAS is your assurance of unsurpassed quality.

    Deck Anchor

    ASP-8100-1FD Flush Deck Box with Anchors

    Hole Sleeve

    HSP-6100-2R Hole Sleeve

    Pedestal Anchors

    CSA-9100-4R without inserts

    Pier Anchors

    ASP-8100-1R  Pour in Place Roof Anchor

    Rope Guide


    Spiral Anchor heads

    Spiral Head

    Wall Anchors

    LSP-5100-1W Low Profile Pour in Place Anchor
    Projects Using Fall Arrest and Restraint Anchors