Bugaboos Ski Lodge – Canadian Mountain Holidays (CMH), Briscoe, BC

    Bugaboo Lodge

    Bugaboos Ski Lodge – Canadian Mountain Holidays (CMH)

    Bugaboo Forest Service Road, Briscoe, BC

    Located in the Bugaboo Province Park and about half way between Banff and Revelstoke, the Bugaboos are a mountain range in the Purcell Mountain of eastern BC. The 650million to 1 billion year old granite spires of the group are a popular mountaineering destination. The Bugaboos is also a very popular heli-ski location that gets great annual snowfall.
    The 33-room Bugaboo Lodge, constructed in 1967, is near the base of the glacier on the eastern boundary of the park. Heli-Skii and heli-hiking are conducted from the lodge into the park. The lodge is rich in history and a modern tribute to the sport of mountaineering.

    Atlas worked closely with client to engineer a unique fall protection system and structural reinforcing to perform roof top maintenance year round. Wood frame structure with multiple additions using different construction details from one to the next. The major challenges were Bugaboo’s remote location (60 kilometre in the rocky mountain range), and majority of work was completed in confined spaces. Multiple mobilizations required to review building, investigate structure at proposed anchor locations and install system.

    1. Building Roof top Maintenance (RTM)


    1. Horizontal Lifeline System (HLL)