Coast mountain bus company, Burnaby BC

    Coast Mountain Bus Company

    Coast Mountain Bus Company

    3855 Kitchener Street, Burnaby
    Located at 3855 Kitchener Street in Burnaby, B.C., the Coast Mountain Bus Company Burnaby Transit Centre (BTC) has a fleet capacity of 238 buses (101 hybrid and 137 diesel vehicles).
    The transit centre is home to the vehicle maintenance centre which provides fleet overhaul, paint and fabrication services for the entire conventional and articulated bus fleet. Signage, farebox and bus stop maintenance operations are also run out of the location. There are 10 bus bays available for repairs, maintenance and rebuilds and four paint booths. The fleet parts warehouse, fabrication and machine shop and inventory control functions are all co-located in the immediate vicinity

    ATLAS installed and designed a Rigid Rail Monorail with a suspended life line system above the Coast Mountain Bus Bay for use with their Hybrid buses. Battery packs for the Hybrid buses are located on the roof of the bus and Translink required a system that would allow the worker to move freely and safely to disconnect the batteries whilst servicing the vehicle.


    1. UnScheduled Interior Maintenance


    1. Monorail System