Containers 2, Vancouver BC


    Containers 2

    468 Terminal Ave, Vancouver, BC

    Developed by Rize Alliance Properties and as B+H as the architect, this 146,000 sf. 7 storey office building is Canada Agency’s new Lower Mainland HQ, which is moving 800 area employees in stages. The building is custom-designed for CRA, with open floor plans and plenty of natural lighting and ventilation.
    False Creek Flats has undergone a significant transformation and is now a bustling commercial hub offering companies a low-cost alternative to downtown, and its proximity to transit and highways. Today the area is home to, among others: Centre for Digital Media, Emily Carr University and Mountain Equipment Co-op, and high-end car dealerships like Porsche, Mercedes-Benz and Acura. Columbia College occupies the first Containers building.

    Atlas staff worked closely with client to ensure this is the most cost effective solution for full coverage, and critical construction timelines were achieved.


    1. Building Roof top Maintenance (RTM)
    2. Scheduled Exterior Building Maintenance


    1. Fall Arrest and Restraint Anchors