The Core Simons, Calgary AB

    Core Simons

    The Core Simons

    304, 8th Avenue. SW, Calgary

    The nine-storey Lancaster Building, where the CORE Shopping Center is located, was built in 1919 and linked TD Square and the Calgary Eaton Centre. At one time, it was home to Eaton’s as well as the offices of R.B. Bennett, the Prime Minister of Canada (1930-1935). It was Calgary’s first skyscraper.

    Just after a massive, multi-million dollar redevelopment and renovation few years ago, the building is now being reconfigured its low 4 floors to accommodate The La Maison Simon, a Québec-based fashion retailer. With another anchor tenant Harry Rosen on the other end of the building, the CORE will be a jewel of a building right in the inner-city.


    1. Building Roof top Maintenance (RTM)


    1. Horizontal Lifeline System (HLL)