Five Ten Seymour, Vancouver BC

    Five Ten Seymour

    Five Ten Seymour

    510 Seymour Street, Vancouver BC

    This 10-storeys 82,000 sq. ft. LEED Gold office and retail building locates on the corner of Pender and Seymour, which bridges the Gastown and CBD. It is one of total 750,000 sq. ft. income producing properties portfolio owned by Serracan, a local private investor, owner, and developer of residential and commercial real estate. The partner of the development is Hardy Capital Partners, whose founder Mr. Roger Hardy is one of the most well-known Hi-tech entrepreneurs in Canada.

    Atlas staff worked closely with client to insure this is the most cost effective solution for its coverage, and the critical construction timelines were achieved.


    1. Building Roof top Maintenance (RTM)
    2. Scheduled Exterior Building Maintenance


    1. Fall Arrest and Restraint Anchors