Main Street Skytrain Station, Vancouver BC

    Main Street Station Rendering

    Main Street Skytrain Station

    1339 Main Street, Vancouver, BC

    Main Street-Science World Station is the oldest station on Translink’s rapid transit system. The Station had long been recognized as a priority for upgrades. ATLAS has installed a multitude of pedestal and wall mounted anchorages in combination with horizontal lifelines to allow for workers to safely work and carry out these upgrades on the Station. Working with the general contractor and following Translink’s and ATLAS’ safety procedures, all the work was required to be done in the middle of the night when the trains are not running. Just another example of ATLAS’ ability to get the work done safely and properly, regardless of circumstance.


    1. Roof Top Maintenance
    2. Transportation and Loading Facilities


    1. Fall Arrest and Restraint Anchors
    2. Horizontal Lifeline Systems (HLLs)