Manitoba Hydro, Winnipeg MB

    Manitoba Hydro

    Manitoba Hydro

    820 Tylor Ave, Winnipeg MB

    Constructed between 1957 and 1958, this L-shape 60,000 square feet towering structure was originally constructed as a head office for the newly created Manitoba Hydro Electric Board established in 1953. The company became Manitoba Hydro in 1961, a crown corporation of the government of Manitoba. Subsequently, in 1963, the Manitoba Power Commission (MPC) amalgamated and all 375 staff relocated to this building.


    1. Building Roof top Maintenance (RTM)
    2. Scheduled Exterior Building Maintenance
    3. Unscheduled Exterior Building Maintenance


    1. Fall Arrest and Restraint Anchors
    2. Horizontal Lifeline System (HLL)