Milk Tanker Truck Facility, Enderby, BC

    Milk Tanker

    Milk Tanker Truck Facility

    201 Vernon Street, Enderby, BC

    This 13,000 sf 2-storeys building is a home of a new 4-bay washing facility for milk transportation trucks in Enderby, BC. Up to 49 staff will be working in the facility.

    Enderby is just one of the many towns in the Kamloops-Okanagan Region where dairy production remains one of the most important businesses for local economy. The milk produced at the farm is bought by the B.C. Milk Board and processed in the Lower Mainland and distributed around the province. About 85% of milk produced by the 96 dairy farms in the region goes out of the area while rest stays here with small processors.

    Atlas worked closely with the structural engineer to design a custom horizontal life line that worked with the design of the building. The building manufacturer had to add structural reinforcing on the steel structure so the horizontal life line could be installed level and not follow the slope of the roof. The line was installed to allow the worker to safely navigate the top of the tanker trailer while performing his duties.


    1. Transportation and Loading Facilities


    1. Horizontal Life Line