Okanagan College, Penticton BC

    OKanagan College Rooftop

    Okanagan College Centre of Excellence

    583 Duncan Avenue West, Penticton BC

    The Centre of Excellence is designed to the standards of the Living Building Challenge, which includes
    net-zero energy and water consumption and several other environmental considerations. To accomplish
    these objectives, the facility takes advantage of many innovative green building technologies. alivingclassroom

    ATLAS has incorporated a complete perimeter horizontal lifeline system on the roofs of this extraordinary
    building. With the structure of the building being primarily exposed engineered timber, the primary
    design focus was to avoid any of our mechanical fasteners to be visible from the interior. Working in conjunction with the client, ATLAS designed a custom detail for our pedestal to be fastened using lag screws to engineered timber beams, eliminating the conventional installation method of capturing structural members. Another example of Atlas’ ability to provide solutions for any architectural scenario.


    1. Rooftop Maintenance


    1. Horizontal Lifeline Systems (HLLs)
    2. Fall Arrest and Restraint Anchors