Semiarid Prairie Agricultural Research Centre (SPARC), Swift Current SK


    Semiarid Prairie Agricultural Research Centre (SPARC)

    Gate 3, Airport Road, Swift Current, Saskatchewan

    Established in 1920, the Semiarid Prairie Agricultural Research Centre (SPARC) is one of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s (AAFC) network of 19 research centres. Located at Swift Current in the southwest corner of Saskatchewan – a province holds 20 percent of the arable land in Canada (the brown soil zone) – the research centre conducts major agricultural research on the dryland regions of Canada’s prairies. 92% of the durum wheat and nearly 50% of the spring wheat grown in western Canada traces its origins to research from the Centre.

    The facilities include greenhouse and growth facilities, design and maintenance shops, field services laboratory, and animal husbandry facilities.

    Atlas staff worked closely with the client to ensure the HLL is the most effective solution for its coverage and perform well on the roof.


    1. Building Roof top Maintenance (RTM)


    1. Horizontal Lifeline System (HLL)