Silver Tower, Burnaby BC

    Silver Tower

    Silver Tower

    6333 Silver Avenue, Burnaby, BC

    One of the newest towers to go up in the thriving Metrotown area, The Silver is a prime example of the range of ATLAS’ abilities. We have incorporated a davit system into The Silver to facilitate scheduled and unscheduled building maintenance operations. Rooftop maintenance operations at the lower podium levels has been accomplished with a combination of horizontal lifelines at the perimeter gardens and single point pedestal anchors on the green roofs.


    1.  Roof Top Maintenance
    2.  Scheduled Exterior Building Maintenance
    3.  Unscheduled Exterior Building Maintenance


    1. Fall Arrest and Restraint Anchors
    2. Horizontal Lifeline Systems
    3. Davit System
    4. Stabilization System