Translink SkyBridge, Surrey BC

    Translink SkyBridge

    Translink SkyBridge

    Surrey, BC

    The SkyBridge is a cable-stayed bridge in Metro Vancouver. Built between 1987 and 1989, it spans the Fraser River and connects New Westminster with Surrey, and carries only the Skytrain (no automobiles). The bridge has two 123-metre tall towers and carries trains 45 metres above the Fraser River and valley. The main span is 340 metres and the total length is 616 metres, making it the longest cable-supported transit-only bridge in the world.

    The SkyBridge has two tracks to let the TransLink Skytrain to pass either way on the bridge. A third set of rails in the middle is used by maintenance crews to truck equipment back and forth on the bridge.

    This is a retrofit project of which 2 custom A-Frame were installed inside the concrete tower and 2 spiral anchors to be attached to I beam over openings to lower level for Confined Spaces Rescue Equipment. The equipment is being installed in the Sky Train Bridge connecting New West to Surrey. Work was completed during revenue hours but care had to be taken when moving to different location while the system was in operation.


    1. Unscheduled Exterior Building Maintenance


    1. Vertical Lifeline System (VLL)