UBC – Student Union, Vancouver BC

    University of BC

    UBC – Student Union Building

    6138 Student Union Blvd, Vancouver, BC

    The University of British Columbia’s newest centrepiece at the Vancouver-Point Grey campus. Centred around an impressive, airy atrium with a bird’s nest-shaped space and lounge-like amenity hovering high over the expansive concourse spaces. Wood was used extensively throughout the building. Incorporating elements of the Living Building Challenge. The Building was conceived as a means of shaping flows through space – flows of peoples, of materials, ecologies, energies…and ideas.

    Atlas was involved early in the design of this project, providing Pre-Engineering and Analysis support to this signature project’s design team. Close coordination between Atlas and the Architect and Structural engineering teams was critical to ensure a safe and functional system was provided while not compromising the aesthetic views of the large internal atriums known as “The Nest”.

    During the construction portion of this project, it was important to follow the tight schedule and coordinate with other subtrades; including Glu-Lam, Glazing and Roofing contractors. After the successful completion of the supply and installation of this complicated project, Atlas provided training to the client and UCB on the systems function and maintenance.



    1. Roof Top Maintenance
    2. Scheduled Interior Maintenance
    3. Unscheduled Interior Maintenance


    1. CSW-9100-1W
    2. CSW-4100-1W
    3. ASP-8100-1R
    4. Horizontal Lifeline
    5. Monorail Track